PTA Fundraising News

The PTA is delighted to thank:

1) all the sponsors who supported the Mile End Nursery Scoot.  The Nursery raised an amazing £802 (as of 24 May – still rising and still grateful!).  Thank you children for scooting so hard, the organisers for their work, the Nursery staff for supporting the initiative and everyone for their generosity.

2) all those who shop using Easyfundraising on the Internet.  The PTA received £36.54 in respect of the last quarter.

3) all those who revived themselves with cakes at the Parents’ Evening.  An impressive £208.50 of donations were received.  Thanks to the hard working bakers.  Please note: there is the opportunity to bake for, and/or buy bakes from, the Highland Games on Thursday 30th May 2013, 6-8pm.

4) all those who purchased Second Hand Uniform at the Parents’ Evening.  £67 was raised.  This helps fund your school, makes uniform purchase cheaper and is very GREEN!

The PTA is pleased to announce that funds were provided to:

1) fund a project involving the hatching of chicken eggs in the Nursery, £245.

The PTA is always interested to receive information on funding ideas.

National Parent Forum of Scotland Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey

Dear all

Please find attached a graphic illustration of the Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey which we hope you will find useful. There are two versions – the full colour one, and a printer friendly version.

Do circulate widely – these have been produced in response to parental questions about key CfE terminology, ages and stages etc.  They are also available to view on our website at

To summarise, we now have the following resources on our website for parents and for schools to share with parents:

Nationals in a Nutshell (20 subjects covered at National 4 and National 5)

The Let’s Talk resource – a full checklist of good ideas and good practice for effective home-school partnerships

The Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey

Tony Rafferty

Aberdeen City Parent Council Forum (ACPCF)
NPFS Rep Aberdeen City
07824 626914