Mile End Parent Council

Our Aims

  • To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents
  • To promote partnership between the school, its staff, pupils and parents
  • To provide a conduit to help parents support the education and welfare of the pupils
  • To seek the views of parents on the education and welfare of the pupils and use these views to form discussions at Parent Council meetings
  • To establish better communication to parents using technology now available e.g. web, email etc
  • To actively promote fundraising for the betterment of the pupils in Mile End School
  • To receive gifts and apply for and obtain grants.
  • To promote a strong partnership with other agencies involved in the new Mile End School and support the migration to the new site

The Parent Council is the official body through which the Head Teacher communicates with parents on strategic issues. We also receive communication directly from Aberdeen City Council.

Who we are

Chair Holders September 2015

Jonathan Scott (Chair)
Luke Halliday (Treasurer)
Caroline Duthie (Secretary)
Nancy Davidson (Head Teacher)
Janet McRoberts (Depute Head)
Valerie Kidd (Depute Head)

Parent Members:

Angela Bowyer
Alistair Ingles
Moira MacIver
Julie Malhan
Euan Esslemont
Euan Milne
Frank Wahedally