2015 School Picnic Bike and Scooter Stall

Following the success of the bike and scooter stall at last year’s school fair we plan to run the stall again this year, please take the chance to make some money out of any bikes and scooters your children have grown out of, or come along to pick up a pre-loved bike or scooter bargain.
Instructions are included in this form, which you will need to complete and take along with each item you would like us to sell for you.
If you have any queries please email mileendpta@yahoo.co.uk
The PTA team

PTA Spending for 2013-14

Mile End PTA extends a big thank you to all parents, staff and pupils who contributed spending ideas. All the suggestions were discussed and considered at the PTA meeting on Wednesday 28 August and agreement reached as follows:
£10,000 identified to support the purchase of new IT equipment which will benefit the whole school pupil population.
The PTA is eager to support a long term project that fundraising activity can support. There was wide agreement to explore the establishment of a new outdoor multi use play/adventure area incorporating a music circle within the school grounds.
Therefore, the PTA will set aside the remainder of it’s fundraising balance this year and begin scoping this proposal with a view to establishing the new play area next year.
We hope parents and the wider school community will support this worthwhile and exciting fundraising project.
Mile End PTA

Lost Property

More than a dozen black sacks of belongings left in the peg areas at the end of last term have been delivered to the Parents’ Room. All named items will be returned in due course, though it is likely to take me some time!

Anything without a name will be kept in Lost Property for a few weeks before being RECYCLED.

Lost Property!

Currently in Lost Property we have the various unnamed items: jackets, jumpers/cardigans, trousers, shoes/gym shoes/trainers, hats/scarves/gloves, lunchboxes/water bottles, t-shirts/shorts/underwear and a wide selection of umbrellas/jewellery/hairbands/glasses and toys!
Any items which have not been claimed by the end of term will be RECYCLED.