For the Year 2011–2012

The PTA were delighted to receive so many suggestions on ways to spend the money raised from the fundraising events during 2011–12. Ideas were varied, and ranged from additional resource equipment to support learning within the school, to large outdoor play equipment. There were also requests for a scooter park to be placed outside of the nursery. Extra digital media equipment (cameras, video equipment) was also a popular request. There were many suggestions for outdoor play equipment, for now though these suggestions are unable to be carried forward due to restrictions on the site.

However after much discussion at the PTA meetings, and at the request of the school staff, it was decided to spend the majority of the money on digital equipment which allowed the purchase of a camera for each teacher and three cameras per class for the children to use.

There was also money spent on football lines for the playing fields, fine motor resources for helping those needing support with writing, Makaton books to help with communication, a new laminator for the office, and a contribution to the group text facility. Money was also given to each class teacher for Christmas Craft activities.

We look forward to your suggestions for spending this year.